Welcome to the Monster Match 73 site!

Monster Match is a collaboration project between two classrooms at different schools. Each class creates their monster using the Monster Match approved materials, writes a description of how to re-create their monster, posts the description of their monster on this wiki, and then tries to re-create their partner class' monster without ever having seen it. We meet at the end of the project to compare our monsters and see how well we wrote and followed directions!


  • Keep it simple - don't get too elaborate with your monster. You want to create something your partner class can re-create without too much trouble.
  • Try to be very detailed in your descriptions, incorporating shapes, writing and math concepts you are currently teaching.
  • Have fun!

Please go to the following pages to find information for our project:


Materials List

Parkcrest Monster Description ~ Mrs. Stokes
Parkcrest Monster Description ~ Mrs. Atkinson
Pacific Way Monster Description ~ Mr. Sandhu
Pacific Way Monster Description ~ Ms. Alm

Other Monster Match project wikis (for examples and inspiration)